Ear, Nose and Throat Clinical Working Group – Priorities

The priorities for all the clinical working groups with the Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network are ultimately agreed by the group members. The priorities include ensuring that regional practice aligns to national standards, identifying and attempting to address regional variation in practice, and collaboration to ensure continuous service development at both a local and regional level. Over-arching priorities are set annually and are reviewed regularly at group meetings. The group will annually review its progress against their agreed priorities, and report back to the Surgery in Children Network Board.

Priorities identified at the start of January 2024 include:

  • Ongoing review of the delivery of the agreed regional day case pathway for adenotonsillectomy – this is completed and available here
  • Review of quarterly day case rates to ensure region continues to meet national day case target
  • Review and agree actions following the audit across the region to understand reasons for readmissions following adenotonsillectomy
  • Agreed best practice pathways and practice within the network for the management of difficult airways (both elective and emergency)
  • Review the out of hours ENT provision for children across the network
  • Consider the pathways for delivery of grommets across region to ensure it aligns to new NICE guidance