Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Working Group

The Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Clinical Working Group was established in Autumn 2022 following feedback from clinical colleagues across the South West suggesting it would be beneficial to review MRI practice across the region. MRIs can be conducted either when a child is awake, under sedation, or under general anaesthetic. The aim of the group is to review current practice by sharing resources, guidelines, and practical solutions to support children to undergo awake MRI procedures where possible, and reduce the need for general anaesthetic. This working group is run collaboratively by the South Paediatric Neurosciences Operational Delivery Network and the South West Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Networks. The networks aim to ensure that services provided across the region are high quality, patient-focused, and continue to improve to meet the needs of our patients and their families.

A ‘Share & Learn Event’ was held in June 2022 to showcase innovations in practice across the region and provide a forum for wider discussion – learn more about the event here. The enthusiasm for the event confirmed a high level of interest and prompted further plans to support a working group – this is open to all clinical and managerial colleagues across the South / South West who would like to support regional service development.