Pre-Assessment Tools and Resources

The Pre-Assessment Clinical Working Group agreed that it would be helpful to share links to various resources that support local, regional, and national pre-assessment pathways on the SW SIC ODN website to share learning and wider opportunities.

Please note: this page contains information pertaining to commercial resources and links to both charity and ‘for-profit’ organisations. Operational Delivery Networks are funded by the NHS – we are sharing information for education and collaboration purposes only, and do not receive any direct benefit from this. The network are not intending to promote any particular company or product through our website; our aim is to share information so that NHS colleagues are aware of opportunities to improve pathways for children undergoing surgical procedures, and support options for NHS services to be more child-friendly. We would be happy to highlight any relevant resources, tools, or information currently being used or developed – please contact us if there is anything you would like to share on this page.

Further internal resources are available to NHS colleagues through our NHS Futures page – please click here to request access to the platform:


Gloucestershire Royal Hospital have recorded a video about going for surgery at their Children’s Centre. It shows what to expect, how to prepare, and how to recover.

The Royal College of Anaesthetists have a variety of age-appropriate leaflets designed by children, which show what to expect when having an
anaesthetic and what choices there may be.

Dennis has an anaesthetic

UHBW have developed a Family Guide to Anaesthetics animated video which explains to children and their families what happens when a child comes into hospital for a general anaesthetic.

Dr Amy Norrington and colleagues in South Tees published guidelines for developing multidisciplinary, high quality, and child-centred pre-operative assessment.

The Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland published their Best Practice Guidance: Pre-assessment Services for Children undergoing Surgery or Procedures in Spring 2022.

The UKCPA Handbook of Perioperative Medicines provides national
guidance and ensures unified practice for the management of patient’s
regular medicines in the perioperative period.

Pyjama Fairies are a UK charity which make pyjamas and surgical
gowns designed for babies and children up to age 16 having
surgery or any other associated medical test.


The Asthma Control Test is a tool used by healthcare providers globally
to help determine if asthma symptoms are well controlled

A tool for paediatric prescribers including dosages and calculator
Please ensure all prescriptions are checked as per local policy

Health Promotion
These tools and resources on weight, diet and exercise, smoking, dental hygiene, mental health, and vaccinations
can be shared with families to promote and encourage a healthier lifestyle: