Clinical Working Groups

The South West Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network has established clinical working groups which bring together colleagues from across the region to support the sharing of good practice and to help develop services for children who are having surgical procedures across the South West.

Three of the groups are focused on specific clinical areas; one focused on Ear, Nose & Throat surgical services; one with a focus on General Surgery & Urology procedures, and a third group who are interested in Trauma & Orthopaedic pathways and patients. These groups are reviewing national standards to ensure our region is working towards delivering national recommendations. The groups also identify regional priorities in their specific areas, and work to support each other in improving practice. More recently developed following the appointment of our Lead Nurse, Gael Rolls, are the Clinical Nurses Forum and Pre-Assessment Working Group. Click below to find out more about our working groups, their priorities, and membership:

Restoration and Service Improvement

Throughout the covid19 pandemic, the Surgery in Children network team established a more general working group which was open to all clinical and managerial colleagues across the region. The group had a broad aim to provide support related to the issues that the pandemic presented for local teams. This group provided peer support across the region and facilitated the sharing of solutions to some of the unique challenges faced over this period. This group is continuing to meet to support ongoing challenges that the pandemic has created, and is now also looking at broader areas for service development. Click below to find out more about the priorities and activities of the ‘Restoration and Service Improvement Group’: