Best Practice Recommendations

A core part of the work of the South West Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network is developing and improving services and pathways within children surgical services; in order to make these improvements the regional clinical teams meet to discuss and agree what potentially good or best practice should look like.  The groups review current national and regional policies, relevant research and audits and come together to develop best practice recommendations.  These documents are aimed at making recommendations to local teams regarding key aspects of their service in terms of what areas they should be considering and improving upon to deliver the best possible service for their patients.  The clinical working groups work collaboratively to develop these regional best practice recommendations documents and then collaborate regionally to understand where there may be opportunities to support developments in services in order to meet these recommendations.

Please note these documents do not replace local clinical pathways and policies and instead aim to support their development; clinical colleagues should always follow local policies when considering local patient pathways and practice.

The documents are stored on this website under the appropriate clinical working area however we have collated the links to the documents below for ease of access. For any queries with the documents then please do not hesitate to contact the core team on

Adenotonsillectomy Day Case Pathway
Our ENT Group have agreed adenotonsillectomy
best practice recommendations:

Appendicitis in Children
Our General Surgery & Urology Group have written
appendicitis best practice recommendations:

Circumcision Pathway
Our General Surgery & Urology Group have collaborated on circumcision best practice recommendations:

MRI Pathways
Our Optimising MRI Pathways Group have developed Paediatric MRI Pathways best practice recommendations:

Pre-Assessment Pathway
Our pre-assessment working group have agreed Paediatric Pre-Assessment best practice recommendations:

Testicular Torsion Pathway
Our General Surgery & Urology Group have agreed and written testicular torsion best practice recommendations:

Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)
Our Trauma and Orthopaedic Group has collaborated to agree SCFE
best practice recommendations: