Tools and Resources

They are many resources available, both free and commercial, that can support the delivery of childrens surgical services across the NHS – the SW SIC ODN team felt it would be beneficial to use our website to sign-post to these resources. As an Operational Delivery Network we are funded by the NHS, however we felt it appropriate to share information to both profit and not-for-profit organisations to present opportunities which can be considered locally. The network are not intending to promote any particular company or product through our website; our aim is to share information so that NHS colleagues are aware of opportunities to improve pathways for children undergoing surgical procedures, and support options for NHS services to be more child-friendly. We would be happy to highlight any relevant resources, tools, or information currently being used or developed – please contact us if there is anything you would like to share on this page.

Further internal resources such as policies and pathway documents are available to NHS colleagues through our NHS Futures page – please click here to request access to the platform:

Please note: the resources shared are to support services and should always be considered alongside local policies and practice.