Pre-Assessment Group

The aim of this working group is to improve the experience of children and their families undergoing surgery by providing a paediatric pre-assessment service which meets current published standards of patient assessment, health promotion and person-centred care, ensuring that any special needs are identified and met pre -operatively. Children and their care givers will be prepared for the procedure ahead, with a focus on reducing anxiety, improving fitness for surgery and thus reducing theatre cancellation rates.

Group Priorities:
The priorities identified by a survey of pre-assessment in the South West network are:
(i) Nurse Education and competency achievement in paediatric pre-assessment
(ii) Child and care giver experience feedback for improvement.
(iii) Best practice guidance for pre-assessment services in South West network.

Applications for the Autumn 2024 Paediatric Pre-Assessment Practitioner Course are now open – click below to apply: