Restoration and Service Improvement Group

In April 2020, the South West Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network set up a Restoration Group to support local teams providing childrens surgical services during the covid19 pandemic – the group was open to those involved in supporting childrens surgical services across the region. The aim of the group was to provide support, facilitate discussion, and provide colleagues with an opportunity to share issues and potential solutions to the challenges that the pandemic caused childrens’ surgical services.

The group met monthly from April 2020 to April 2021 and focused on restoration and recovery from the global pandemic. In June 2021, the group decided it would be beneficial for them to continue to meet and continue their regional role in supporting service restoration, and members also agreed to begin to focus on other key areas of service development – in particular looking at topics that cross different surgical specialities and are relevant to many different clinical teams and pathways. The group now meet quarterly.

For more information on the topics covered to date, future proposed priorities and future meeting dates please click on the links below:

Photo taken at Royal United Hospital, Bath