Priorities for the Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Working Group

The priorities for all of the clinical working groups within the Operational Delivery Network are ultimately agreed by our group members. The priorities include ensuring that regional practice aligns to national standards, identifying and attempting to address regional variation in practice, and collaboration to ensure continuous service development at both a local and regional level. Over-arching priorities are set annually and are reviewed regularly at group meetings. The group will annually review its progress against their agreed priorities, and report back to their Network Board’s that are accountable.

Identified priorities for the Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Working Group in 2022 / 2023 are to:
• Develop a directory of shared resources (available here)
• Share local policies and guidelines between organisations
• Develop best practice recommendations for a Paediatric MRI Pathway which can be implemented across the region
• Benchmark the provision of Play services across the region and Play support within MRI Pathways
• Work with data colleagues to establish a way to view the number of paediatric MRI scans carried out awake / under general anaesthetic within South / South West providers.
• Consider a pathway audit against the Paediatric MRI Pathway Best Practice Recommendations once published