Pre-Assessment Working Group: Meeting Information

The first meeting of the Pre-Assessment Working Group took place on 30th November 2021, where we reviewed the results of a survey into pre-assessment services currently provided across the South West. From this, we then developed our future aims and priorities for the group.

Our second meeting was held on 18th January 2022, where we developed a nurse education strategy with the proposed delivery of a pre-assessment nursing course later this year, with associated competency achievement.

The next meeting was held on 15th February 2022, when the group further developed subgroups to develop content for a Paediatric Pre-Assessment Nursing Course.

The course content developed further with the support of skilled paediatric anaesthetists and nurses across Thames Valley + Wessex and the South West and the first paediatric pre assessment practitioner nursing course was delivered over two days in October 2022. The course lasts 6 months with completion of relevant competencies assessed by a local paediatric anaesthetist.

The group are currently meeting quarterly to facilitate the implementation of the regional best practice guidance and share best practice including supporting documentation and pathways such as service bids, SOP’s, patient and parent information and health promotion initiatives. The resources will be shared via our resources and education page on this website.

Our next meeting is 5th December 2022. For information on who attends from your organisation please look at the membership page.

Please contact us if you are interested in being part of the working group or attending a future meeting.