Best Practice Recommendations – Pre-Assessment

Members of the South West Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network Pre-Assessment Group worked together in 2022 to agree best practice recommendations for pre-assessment for children undergoing surgery or procedures under general anaesthetic.

The group worked collaboratively to share their existing pathways and to agree best practice for children who are being considered for surgery or procedures under GA in organisations across the South West region. The group agreed to focus on this pathway following the publication of the Best Practice Guidance: Preassessment Services for Children Undergoing Surgery or Procedures which made recommendations on the pre-assessment of children based on concern at variation in practice and adverse events which have occurred.

Following the development of these regional recommendations, an audit will be carried out within each of our provider organisations by group members to identify areas where support is required for implementation:

Please note – these recommendations are not meant to replace local clinical protocols or pathways, and are aimed at supporting regional collaboration and service improvements across the South West Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network. Colleagues are welcome to review the document and feedback is always welcome.