Sharing Innovations in Practice to Achieve Awake MRI in Young and Complex Patients  

In June 2022, the South West Surgery in Children ODN collaborated with our neighbouring networks – the Thames Valley & Wessex Surgery in Children ODN and the South Paediatric Neurosciences ODN – to facilitate a share and learn event promoting innovative methods of MRI practice used to support achieving awake MRIs in young and complex patients to reduce the need for GA.

Over 80 multidisciplinary colleagues from across the South and South West attended the session, including play specialist, radiographers, anaesthetists, nurses, and managers.

The event showcased the pivotal role that play specialists have in supporting and developing MRI pathways, and our presenters shared some of the innovative methods currently being used across the region to reduce the need for GA, highlighting the many benefits of awake MRI which include:

  • Improved patient safety
  • Enhanced patient and carer experience
  • Less time spent in hospital
  • Reduction in GA waiting lists
  • Cost savings

Next Steps…

We have developed a short survey for attendees of the event and any interested colleagues to complete to support the development of the next steps:

Click here to complete the ‘next steps’ survey

We will continue to work with other ODNs to progress this work further – as discussed during the event, possible next steps include establishing a network group of interested parties, developing a shared directory of resources, developing a regional Best Practice Recommendations guideline, and holding a follow up ‘share and learn’ event.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more or be involved in progressing the next steps.

Please note: 
this session is aimed at members of the South West Surgery in Children ODN, the Thames Valley & Wessex Surgery in Children ODN, and the South Paediatric Neurosciences ODN, as well as any other colleagues who are interested in this area of work. In order to support sharing of practice more widely, the recording of the event has been made available publicly for others to view as well.