Patient Experience

Patients and families experience of healthcare for children in surgery is very important to us. As a network we wish to ensure that you and your child/children have the best possible experience and support whilst you are in hospital. Coming soon there will be an online survey that you can access via the SIC ODN website or via a QR code which will be shared via posters in outpatient departments, day surgery units and inpatient wards in your local hospital. There will also be paper copies available should you prefer. In the meantime if you have any feedback you wish to share with us, please contact us directly.

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) has published what good experience looks like for babies, children and young people in healthcare. See the link below to the guidance:

North Devon District Hospital

Harley’s day in North Devon District Hospital

When we arrived at the hospital Harley was very nervous and unsure, however after meeting the lovely nurses and being taken to his bed, he was quickly reassured that he was in the best of hands. He quickly spotted the teddy in his bed waiting for him and hopped straight up to give him a cuddle.

Throughout the day, Harley was feel more relaxed and assured by the constant reassurance from Jane’s interactions with him, ensuring he was well looked after. So much so that Harley even went on to name his new teddy Jane, after his nurse.

Harley forgot to take his teddy into theatre, but when he came round in recovery, Jane (the teddy) was also wearing a mask and cuddling him for support. This was one of the first things Harley reached for when coming round, second only to his mummy.

We really can’t thank the staff enough for the time and care they provided our Harley, he went in there very nervous and came out feeling like a super hero.

Thanks to Tom, Sarah and Harley for sharing their story.