Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Working Group – Resources

During a regional ‘Awake MRI Share & Learn Event’ held in June 2022, clinical and managerial NHS colleagues from across the region came together to discuss pathways and practice for supporting children undergoing MRI procedures without a general anaesthetic. During the meeting, individuals shared tools and resources that they use locally which help to support children and their families – it was agreed that it would be helpful to share this information on the SW SIC ODN website to share learning.

Please note: this page contains information pertaining to commercial resources and links to both charity and ‘for-profit’ organisations. Operational Delivery Networks are funded by the NHS – we are sharing information for education and collaboration purposes only, and do not receive any direct benefit from this. The network are not intending to promote any particular company or product through our website; our aim is to share information so that NHS colleagues are aware of opportunities to improve pathways for children undergoing MRI procedures, and support options for NHS services to be more child-friendly. We would be happy to highlight any other relevant resources, tools, or information currently being used or developed – please contact us if there is anything you would like to share on this page.

Further internal resources are available to NHS colleagues through our NHS Futures page – please click here to request access to the platform: https://future.nhs.uk/SWChildrenSurgeryODN/groupHome

Commercially Available Tools: