Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Group – Membership

The Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Working Group is open to colleagues from provider organisations across the South and South West regions with an interest in improving paediatric MRI pathways.

This working group is run collaboratively by the South Paediatric Neurosciences Operational Delivery Network and the South West Surgery in Children Operational Delivery Network. Colleagues from these ODN core teams facilitate the meetings, and help to identify and deliver the group’s priorities. The group membership includes multidisciplinary colleagues from across the two regions including radiographers, radiologists, anaesthetists, play colleagues, nurses, and managers. Members of the group are seen as representatives of their organisations – all activity is on a voluntary basis.

Optimising MRI Pathways for Children Working Group membership (updated October 2023):

If you are interested in becoming a member of the group please liaise with your local representative or contact us directly.