Educational Resources & Shared Learning: Ear, Nose and Throat

The following information is shared to support learning and development of services; other resources may be available; if you would like us to include any additional resources as part of this page please contact us on

Please note national and/or regional guidance is shared to support developments of clinical services; clinical teams should always refer to local policies and pathways within their organisation.

SW ENT Clinical Working Group members agreed to share examples of the information leaflets that they provide to patients – these are shared for collaborative purposes so peers can see examples of information provided by centres across the region. These can be found on our FutureNHS Platform.

In June 2023 Marilyn McDougall and Laura Snow from the South Thames Paediatric Network attended the ENT Clinical Working Group to share work they had undertaken in their network to support pathways for airways emergencies.

The South Thames Paediatric Network have developed emergency airway resources that can be on their website here – Emergency Airways | South Thames Paediatric Network (